Ornithological Wisdom

I write down things that I hear my boys say on little pieces of paper. Sometimes I find those pieces of paper later–most times I don’t.

I recently re-discovered an insightful quote from 2013-10-13 that I heard my youngest, Alexander, whisper while his brothers raged about him:

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but birds will never hurt me.

Statistically speaking, who can argue with that?

Still, I think I should tell him to be careful if his one of his brothers come at him with a chicken.

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Brotherly Support

I cannot remember if I had a relationship like this with my brother, when we were this young, but a couple of months ago I was in the room with my two youngest (who were playing a computer game) when the following occurred:

B: Wow, this is hard. Tell me that I can do it.
A: You can do it! You’re awesome.
B: Thanks. I know I can. You’re awesome too.

AJ and Ben playing together.

A brother is a great game support.

I was happy that I was present to witness the emotional connection. – S


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What Would The Parents of Evel Knievel Say?

NOTE: Found this in my Draft collection from 2008-10-11. Enjoy.

Did Robert “Evel” Knievel show signs of his future antics when he was two years old? I have thought about that several times over the last couple of months. Likewise, how soon did any of the parents of the X Games competitors know that their children would seek the bleeding edge and danger of extreme sports? I ask because I think that Samuel is going to be a daredevil.

That was me. Poppa! Did you see? That was funny. I am going to put the pillows back.

He had just launched himself into a pile of rocks near the edge of the platform. His momentum carried his body through the top layer, where he encountered the emptiness of the chasm just beyond and fell head-first into the depths below.

After an hour of wrestling with me on the bed, and continuing these ballistic launchings, he ran away and I was left to contemplate how I should increase my insurance coverage.

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